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This is a movie made in 2011 that is a romantic comedy. It premiered on ABC Family. An overworked young teenager Katie Gibbs has to do her stepmother's and siblings bidding. She is terrified they will put her in foster care. She never complains but is constantly being annoyed by her stepmother. She dreams of making a video only to woken up to make breakfast for the the step family.

She really makes a demo tape but it is stolen by one of her step sisters. To punish her they steal her clothes while she is taking a shower then lock her out of the house nude. She tries to get in but fails to make it back in using a welcome mat to cover her body. She meets a local guy named Luke who giver her his jacket. Katie invites Luke in while one of her stepsister plans to steal her tape and use it as her own.

Later at school Katie hears Luke singing a song he wrote. She is so impressed that she writes a song in response to it. She sings the song to him at the ball and he falls for her despite the attempts of her evil stepsisters to defeat her. However later he finds Bev her step sister lip syncing Katie's songs and falls for her. Teenagers are so fickled. Later Katie connects again with Luke even after he cheated on her.

Poor Luke is torn between the evil stepsister Bev and Katie. Will he come to his senses and see through her. The saga continues with Luke falling further for Bev by kissing her which Katie sees. Eventually Bev is exposed by Vince for stealing Katie's song and demo tape. Luke realizes that he really likes Katie. Luke and Kate plan to record a song together so her talent will be recognized.

Katie endures verbal and emotional abuse from her stepmother and siblings. Some of the pranks are just plain mean. She does develop allies and friends who help her in the story. It is a great movie for younger children and early teens. It is entertaining and has the conflict of the original Cinderella story. Kids and adults will enjoy the conflict and excitement of the movie. A great movie for a sleepover or family night.

| 2011 | 1 hr 28 min | 6.1/10
Damon Santostefano
A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song
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