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"Family Comes First"

This movie brings a touch of reality, as it brings viewers into the lives of normal day people facing problems that many might be able to relate to. In today’s age of fast marriages and divorce, the children are the ones that suffer the most, but this movie shows that loving parents are willing to do anything to give their children a better life. This movie is based on a father that comes from a poor neighborhood; times are bad as he is struggling to make ends meet. However, when he is compared to his wife who is dealing drugs, he becomes the right choice to take care of his children.

The law has different ideas, and gives custody of the children to his wife instead. This action does not sit well with Monty, and he becomes desperate to win his children back. Finding help to win back custody of his children, he is able to enlist the help of Gabrielle, who he meets during the time he works as a chauffeur. The beautiful lawyer decides to help him in this battle, but slowly finds herself attracted to the struggling mechanic. During the course of the movie, their love affair slowly starts to blossom to love.

The age old story of how love can bridge the gap between the poor and rich is timeless, but this movie is able to bring a new twist to keep things interesting throughout the movie. The extra touch of saving the children from a life of crime is something that might be touchy to some people, but it adds that touch of realism. This movie does have funny moments that lift the heavy message that it is trying to convey, and it is always nice to watch a drama, which ends the right way. This might be one of the best movies that bring real life issues onto the big screen.

| 2007 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.5/10
Tyler Perry
Daddy's Little Girls
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