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"They'll do anything to save their best bud."

Half baked is a comedy that's theme centralizes around marijuana the lifestyles that are involved with the drug. The movie follows the cast as they partake in smoking marijuana and the experiences they have as a result. It has a strong following and is rated as one of the top marijuana based comedies. This movie is typically for an older audience and may not be appropriate for kids.

The cast features a young Dave Chapelle, Harland Williams, and Jim Breuer as they embark on an adventure to attempt to get their friend out of jail. The cast also features appearances by renowned pot smokers such as Tommy Chong and Snoop Dogg. After the character played by Harland Williams is arrested, the team of characters is forced to sell marijuana in order to retrieve their friend from jail. The main characters are harassed by drug dealers, and encounter many problems in their short fueled drug dealing adventures.

Thurgood Jenkins (played by Dave Chapelle) is arrested for attempting to steal marijuana for the purpose of reselling, and is proposed a deal by police officers. Thurgod agrees to wear a wire, although hesitantly, and instructed to buy drugs fom a local major drug dealer that is on the police force's radar. The movie portrays casual recreational marijuana use, and is emphasized as harmless in several scenes. One scene shows the police officers in the car with a few of the cast members smoking marijuana before they enter the house to buy weed from the drug dealer. The police officers subsequently get high from being in the car and tell Thurgood to say a magic word to alert the police once he buys the drugs.

However, once inside the house the drug dealer learns that they are wearing wires and is set on killing them. They scream the safety word and expect the police to come busting in the door. However, the police are high from second hand smoke and do not come to their aid inside the house. The scene is ended by the ghost of Willie Nelson appearing and hitting the drug dealer in the head, before disappearing.

In the end the team is able to get their friend out of jail and everything returns to normal. The movie encompasses the lifestyle of smoking marijuana and the positives and negatives for participating in the recreational use. It depicts the stereotypical lazy stoner and compliments it with the response by the police to second hand smoke. In the end the stoners get away scott free and everything returns to normal.

| 1998 | 1 hr 22 min | 6.7/10
Tamra Davis
Half Baked
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