It's Official: 'Jurassic Park' to Get the 3D Treatment

We already knew that the seed of an idea had been planted in Steven Spielberg's head, but now it's official: "Jurassic Park" is about to get a re-release in 3D.

Spielberg had mentioned some of his regrets over editing "ET" last year, so it was safe to assume that he wasn't interested in messing with any of his other movies (unlike his colleague George Lucas). But he did mention that a 3D re-release of "Jurassic Park" might be the exception... and here it is.

That makes "Jurassic Park" one of a long line of films getting re-releases in 3D, including a number of Disney/Pixas films like "The Lion King," "Beauty and the Beast" and "Finding Nemo," as well as epics like "Titanic."

The film was given a release date today of July 19, 2013, so it's really happening. The fan reaction to this sort of thing is generally negative: people don't like to have their movies messed with, and 3D is divisive enough as it is. But in the case of "Jurassic Park," it might be a great idea. Dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum in 3D? Yes please.

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