Priyanka Chopra Encourages Women to Not Worry About Beauty

Baywatch star Priyanka Chopra said in a recent interview that women should give up the idea that "only one of us can win and only the best one will get the cutest boy." Frankly, we think it's difficult to take that advice seriously when it comes from a former beauty pageant winner. But maybe that's just us. Read on and see what you think.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

Priyanka Chopra went makeup-free for Allure magazine’s first digital cover package, in which she opens up about beauty standards for women. Released Thursday, the feature reveals her own insecurities as she encourages women to change how they view themselves.

For the cover shoot on the Greenpoint waterfront in Brooklyn, Chopra wore only moisturizer and lip gloss, in an effort to provoke conversation about how beauty relates to identity, Allure’s digital editorial director Kelly Bales tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“A lot of the things media has perpetuated have created false standards around beauty. People that have not grown up seeing themselves in the space have a harder time accessing self love and acceptance. That's something we really push,” Bales says. “It's been a huge mission for Allure — how can we right some of these wrongs of the past, re-educate both ourselves and our audience to have a larger scope of what we consider beautiful?”


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Chopra discusses how women have been conditioned to think about the need to constantly change themselves. "We’ve always been treated as second class citizens. We’ve always been told that only one of us can win and only the best one will get the cutest boy … Can we for a second love ourselves and say ‘I do not need all of these magazines to tell me to how to lose the weight or how should I starve because I want to please a man?’”

The Quantico actress, 35, advises readers: “Start with just recognizing what you’re doing. That’s called self-hate, self-doubt, you’re berating yourself. We have enough people doing that to us anyway, why do we need to do it to ourselves? Love yourself, ladies. You're your best friend.”

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