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In this crime drama, a beautiful tattoo-covered woman wakes up naked in Times Square with no memory of who she is or how she got there. An FBI agent whose name is, for some reason, tattooed on her back takes on the case, only to discover that her tattoos are clues to a web of crimes that may reveal her identity.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on NBC
3 Seasons, 67 Episodes
September 21, 2015
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Science Fiction
Cast: Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza
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Blindspot Full Episode Guide

  • Jane and Weller hunt Roman back to where it all started...Can they stop him at last?

  • Jane is forced to recruit someone from her past to help take down a dangerous alliance.

  • After receiving shocking news about Avery's father, Jane and Weller must hunt down an elusive criminal. Meanwhile, Patterson's father helps the team (and his daughter) in the lab.

  • The team must partner with an oddball conspiracy theorist in order to stop a deadly weapon from getting into Crawford's hands. Meanwhile, Roman struggles maintain his personal life with Blake while completing a series of secret missions.

  • The team faces a deadly threat on all of their lives. Roman's allegiances are tested.

  • The FBI team and Avery attend a gala hosted by their target Hank Crawford in hopes of arresting him. Roman grows closer to the Crawfords.

  • A CIA source threatens to tear the team apart. Rich's place in the FBI is called into question. Roman and Crawford spend a day together under strange circumstances.

  • The team must decide whether to trust a prisoner who warns them of a dangerous plot. Zapata is caught between the FBI and the CIA. Roman and Crawford butt heads over how to handle a volatile situation.

  • A surprising visit from Nas leads the team to investigate a dangerous piece of technology that was stolen from the NSA. Roman and Blake grow closer as they attend a high-stakes poker game.

  • Weller and his former FBI partner reunite for a dangerous undercover mission while Zapata interrogates a past foe.

  • While Jane and Weller partner with a mysterious man from Jane's past to find a missing person, the team races to stop an arms deal.

  • The team races to thwart a deadly terrorist plot with the help of Reade's journalist girlfriend.

  • After some personal strife, the team must find a way to work together to track down missing nuclear warheads.

  • As the team works together to take down a foe, Jane and Weller face a toxic secret that threatens to tear them apart.

  • Facing a threat within the FBI, the team is forced to run a covert operation out of Jane and Weller's apartment. A tattoo leads to a doctor with a deadly secret.

  • The team goes undercover on a movie set to stop a terrorist plot with unlikely backers. Roman blackmails Weller with a horrible secret about Jane.

  • While Jane struggles to cope with a secret from her past, the team races to prevent an international crisis.

  • As the team chases a deadly bomber who's terrorizing Manhattan, Jane uncovers a shattering secret from her youth.

  • While Jane and Weller hunt down a collective of dangerous computer hackers, Patterson and Rich Dot Com must work together to hide an explosive secret from their past.

  • As the team adjusts to their new dynamic -- and the new tattoos -- they battle a dangerous foreign power that is trying to hijack a satellite.

  • 18 months after parting ways under mysterious circumstances, the FBI team is brought back together by a new crisis.

  • As the FBI copes with a tragedy, Weller finds himself at the center of a surprising event. Jane faces an uncertain future.

  • The team finally cracks a member of Sandstorm, leading to a huge breakthrough in uncovering Phase Two.

  • Zapata's transgressions catch up to her, sending her to jail alongside a potentially powerful Sandstorm asset named Devon. Weller and the team must go to exceptional lengths to help Zapata out.

  • Jane and Weller go undercover on a high-stakes scavenger hunt organized by powerful hackers. Shepherd travels to Thailand to secure a dangerous weapon.

  • When a rival from the past begins to investigate, the team struggles to defend itself. Meanwhile, a tattoo leads them to a mysterious death at a foster home.

  • Jane and her love interest Oliver are in a precarious situation that exposes the secrets they've both been harboring. Uncertain if they can trust each other, the couple must stay alive while Weller and the team race to save them.

  • With Nas's help, Weller and Jane finally meet with Nas's inside source within Sandstorm, and square off with the past.

  • When a group of tattoos generates multiple leads, the team divides into unlikely pairings to find a deadly underworld courier.

  • A tattoo leads the team to a powerful collegiate secret society, but to infiltrate it they will need the help of one of its alumni...Rich Dotcom.

  • The team gets a major break in the Sandstorm case when they discover Shepherd's true identity... and a decades-old connection between her and Weller.

  • When an unusual tattoo has connections to Roman, the team must decide if he should go undercover with a dangerous biker gang.

  • After one of the world's most-wanted terrorists makes an appearance in New York, the team joins with the CIA to prevent a deadly bombing.

  • Patterson is missing... and a newly amnesiac Roman has escaped. Jane and Weller must race Shepherd - and the clock - to find them before it's too late.

  • After Jane finds out Sandstorm is preparing for an imminent attack, she makes a risky move when she sends a secret SOS to her FBI team.

  • Rich Dotcom hacks the FBI computer system, forcing the team to protect him from a legendary assassin; feeling the intensity of their sibling bond, Jane hopes to convert Roman into an FBI asset. Ennis Esmer guest stars.

  • While Weller and Nas chase a fugitive whistleblower in Bulgaria, Jane embarks on a Sandstorm mission with Roman. Reade and Zapata focus on an urgent matter.

  • When a prominent politician's life is threatened during a rally, Weller and the team collaborate with U.S. Marshal Allie Knight to take down a mob leader.

  • Nas and Weller navigate their way as co-leaders during the team's hunt for a museum gala assassin, who is harboring a dark secret; Jane sees a different side to her old organization.

  • Weller and the team are desperate to stop a series of New York City bombings, while Jane is forced to go on an assassination mission to prove herself.

  • The team is desperate to prevent a corrupt DEA agent from selling stinger missiles to a drug cartel as Weller fights to keep a united front under the increasing pressures of Jane's rift with the others and the uncomfortable addition of Nas as co-leader.

  • In the second season premiere, Jane is asked to become a triple agent after the FBI captures her.

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