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In this drama series, a trio of very different siblings must work together to save the family's struggling sugar cane farm in Louisiana. Not only do they have to overcome their own differences, they have to face the foibles of the rest of the family, too.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on OWN
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
September 6, 2016
Cast: Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe, Omar J. Dorsey
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Queen Sugar Full Episode Guide

  • Violet's business partnership might be in jeopardy, Micah gets involved in a new protest, and Charley threatens the Landry Enterprises board.

  • Violet celebrates her 60th birthday, Nova and Remy grow closer, and Darla and Ralph Angel discuss custody. Plus, Violet learns more about her new business arrangement, and the Bordelon family is devastated to discover the Landrys' true plan for the land.

  • Remy and Nova address their feelings; Violet receives a business proposal; Blue finally reveals what happened at school; Charley discovers something suspicious; and Ralph Angel goes on a date.

  • Remy and Nova act on their feelings; Ralph Angel bonds with his boss's daughter; Davis discloses his secret to Charley; Micah and his new friends stumble upon something disturbing; and Darla and Ralph Angel clarify their relationship.

  • Darla and Ralph Angel come face-to-face, Hollywood offers Violet a business solution, and Charley learns more about the Landry and Boudreaux families. Plus, Davis reveals a hidden secret to Micah, and Nova reveals something personal to Remy.

  • Micah starts his new school with excitement, an interaction with Blue leaves Ralph Angel guilt-ridden, and Nova must come up with new material for her book. Plus, Charley reveals her secret plans to Nova, and Darla returns.

  • In the Season 3 premiere, Ralph Angel finally learns the truth about his biological connection to Blue, Charley Gard exposes her hidden plan for Landry Enterprises, and Nova is propositioned by book publishers.

  • Charley's shocking plan to save her business puts her relationship with Remy in jeopardy. Hollywood proposes to Violet. Nova and Remy share an unexpected moment. Ralph Angel decides if he can forgive Darla.

  • Charley fires Darla after learning that she's lied to her family. Micah gets suspended from school. Hollywood promises to fulfill Violet's wish list. Jacob Boudreaux suggests he and Charley form a partnership.

  • Ralph Angel is left devastated by Darla's news; Charley's business is threatened. Micah has an issue with his school. Nova receives a new opportunity. Violet reveals her diagnosis to Hollywood.

  • Remy and Charley have different visions of their future and Nova and Calvin face a harsh reality. Plus, Violet gets diagnosed and Darla reveals a devastating secret to Ralph Angel.

  • Nova and Robert's relationship hits a major setback. Darla and Ralph Angel plan their upcoming wedding. Davis offers Charley help with her harvest festival. Later, Davis and Charley realize they've both moved on in new relationships. Davis makes amends.

  • Nova and Robert's relationship begins to shift; Ralph Angel feels humiliated by Remy; Hollywood and Violet clash over Hollywood's new friend; and Lorna finally reveals the true history of her relationship with Nova and Ralph Angel's father.

  • Violet (Tina Lifford) suggests that Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe), and Darla (Bianca Lawson) attend pre-marital counseling, but he resists. Darla seconds Violet's suggestion when an unexpected proposition convinces her that Ralph Angel is still punishing her for her past. Meanwhile, Nova's (Rutina Wesley) relationship with Robert Dubois (Alimi Ballard) deepens as she begins to open up. Violet encounters Charley's mother Lorna (Sharon Lawrence) at Charley's office, which gives rise to old issues. Charley's mother later encourages Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) to reach across the color divide following a frustrating meeting at the St. Josephine Sugarcane Society. Finally, Micah (Nicholas L. Ashe) shares his darkest secret with Keke (Tanyell Waivers), and Violet sees a doctor for her recurring symptoms.

  • Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) and Darla (Bianca Lawson) enjoy their new engagement, but it serves as a sad reminder that Darla is estranged from her own family. Violet (Tina Lifford) later brings everyone together for an engagement party, which inspires Darla to reach out to her family. Violet remains in denial about her condition despite her physical symptoms worsening, and Hollywood (Omar J. Dorsey) considers a new job. Nova has doubts about her front-page Zika story when it causes concern in the community, but she later receives a surprising donation. Charley's mother, Lorna Prescott (Sharon Lawrence), makes an unexpected visit and expresses concern over Charley's lifestyle. Micah tells Charley what happened with the police offer, which allows him to finally come to terms with his emotions. The experience forces Charley to question her parenting, and when she shares her doubts with her mother, their intense conversation shines a light on Charley's issues surrounding her own upbringing.

  • Darla reaches out to her family to share her big news; Violet's condition worsens; Nova's Zika story causes concern in the community; Micah finally comes to terms with his emotions; Charley receives an unexpected visit from her mother, and the two have an honest conversation about Charley's upbringing.

  • Ralph Angel's confession continues to cause unrest and his appeal to Darla for emotional support conflicts with Charley's wishes. Plus, Nova learns something surprising about Violet.

  • Charley's opening celebration of the Queen Sugar mills suffers a setback, and Nova learns something surprising about her late father. Plus, Ralph Angel has a run-in with someone he previously robbed.

  • Charley's therapist appointment brings to light childhood issues, Nova reunites with Dr. Robert Dubois, and Davis meets an intriguing singer. Plus, Ralph Angel meets an old friend during a high-pressured situation.

  • Charley searches for a more permanent home for Micah, a whitefly infestation threatens the farm, and Nova adjusts to a new editor who wants her to change her approach. Plus, Darla makes a decision that has serious consequences.

  • Micah finds solace at Nova's place, Charley confronts Davis about their custody arrangement, and Violet's time with Hollywood might be short-lived. Plus, Nova meets someone at a symposium.

  • Ralph Angel has an idea for the farm, Charley is blindsided during her final divorce mediation with Davis and Nova holds a community fundraiser. Plus, Aunt Violet learns that Hollywood might have been involved in a life-threatening accident.

  • In the Season 2 premiere, Charley and Davis remain entangled; Ralph Angel tries to find his footing on the family farm; Aunt Violet confronts her feelings for Hollywood; and Micah has a dangerous encounter with a police officer. In other events, Nova deals with the loss of her relationshipwith Calvin and later holds a community fundraiser.

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