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Hello, This is Ella,

I am 35 years old, a mum of 3 years old, a part-time chef, and a full-time YouTuber (own a cooking channel).

Since I joined A Level at Louisiana School, I was fascinated about cooking different stuff as I was living in a school hostel where hundreds of girls from every other states of USA were living.

We were 3 girl in an condo and cooked together often we get the time after school. We tried every bizarre and famous couisine from different parts of USA and Asia.

After graduating I worked as a assistant-chef in a local BBQ restaurent because I love cooking and experimenting with different stuff. Eventually, I opened an YouTube channel where I share my expertise and finding with different stuff.

I love changing aspects of my kitchen often and try different tools and appliances often (I can’t stop myself changing stuff..lol).

In this blog, I will share my experimented recipes, cooking experiments and review various kitchen tools and best items that are essentials for every kitchen and home out there.

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Ella Weber.

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